This site hosts information for an interdisciplinary community of scholars at Princeton University engaged in conversation about the ethics and politics of ethnography. We welcome participants from across the disciplines, including Sociology, Anthropology, and Religion.

With funding from the Dean’s Fund for Interdisciplinary Workshops, the Program in American Studies, the Center for Human Values, the Humanities Council, the Program in Judaic Studies, the Sociology Department, and the Religion Department we are hosting a 2013-2014 series of discussions and workshops. Topics for discussion will include political engagement, ethnographic methods, and ethics. Workshops will allow for collaboration on ongoing projects. By bringing together faculty and student scholars from different fields, we will examine how the practice of observing communities and talking to people unites ethnographers across disciplines, and how the various theoretical and methodological frameworks in which scholars place ethnographies may suggest differing political, scholarly, and ethical commitments and concerns. Our goal is to cultivate a space for ongoing conversation about ethnographic practice and methods across the university.