Spring 2014

All events will be held at 4:30pm in the Religion Department lounge, which is room 140 in the south end of 1879 Hall. Dinner will follow faculty events at 6pm, also in the Religion Department lounge:

Monday, 2/10 Professors Carolyn Rouse (Princeton, Anthropology), Amy Borovoy (Princeton, East Asian Studies), and João Biehl (Princeton, Anthropology), on the ethnography of healthcare; interviewer Timothy Benedict

Monday, 2/17 Heba Gowayed (Sociology Grad Student) on educational fees and relational work in a Cairo slum

Monday, 2/24 George Laufenberg (Anthropology Grad Student) 

Monday, 3/10 Professor John L. Jackson, Jr. (University of Pennsylvania, Communication, Africana Studies, and Anthropology) on the intersection of religion studies, race studies, media studies, and anthropology; interviewer Vaughn Booker

Monday, 3/31 Professors Rena Lederman (Princeton, Anthropology) and Iddo Tavory (New School, Sociology) on teaching ethnographic methods and practice; interviewer Alda Balthrop-Lewis

Wednesday, 4/9 Erin Johnston (Sociology Grad Student) “Processes of Socialization and Self-Formation in Two Spiritual Communities.”
Wednesday, 4/23, “A Conversation about Urban Ethnography” Professor Elijah Anderson, Yale University with Professor Mitch Duneier, Princeton University

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